The throne room is not working in what to do?, The Dragon Quest Builders II

In this part you will find out about an errand that causes players extremely huge issues, despite the fact that they finished everything demonstrated by the game.

In Dragon Quest Builders 2 there is an undertaking on the underlying island of Isle of Awakening (after the section on the island of Moonbrooke), in which you need to fabricate an imperial room. Sadly, for reasons unknown the game does not score this undertaking, despite the fact that you have done all that you were approached to do. To maintain a strategic distance from issues related with this assignment, it is ideal to partition the entire region into a few rooms, not only one.

When making a room, it is ideal to utilize just Castle Walls Block, for reasons unknown you will be not able completion the mission if the room is made of another structure material.

While making a live with imperial rooms, for reasons unknown the game does not score the undertaking on the off chance that you put a The Princess Bed on the floor. Jumbo Bed ought to take care of the issue. Likewise, make sure to put a nameplate with the name of the ruler. The regal room ought to be found truly alongside the royal position room. These are the most widely recognized slip-ups that reason the journey to faild or get pester.

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