Darkest Dungeon Full Guide “The Color of Madness”

Darkest Dungeon’s DLC called The Color of Madness introduces plenty of recent enemies, items and curio. All of this affects the gameplay through including new mechanics and editing the already present ones. Just like in The Crimson Court, the previous DLC for Darkest Dungeon, the sport would not tell the players approximately each new feature. In this chapter you may analyze all the variations among the authentic version of the sport and this DLC as well as how to activate it.

What is new in The Color of Madness DLC?
The second legitimate DLC for Darkest Dungeon, launched after The Crimson Court, features the subsequent:

A completely new location – Farmstead – with one-of-a-kind gameplay policies. The participant’s best aim for the duration of their visit in Farmstead is to kill as many enemies as they can to be able to get better rewards. This region’s specific feature is that heroes cannot die – instead, they “get lost” in time and area. Then, they go back after a few weeks as though not anything has ever took place.
A few new enemies, each everyday foes and managers. Each of the brand new enemies has a set of specific abilties – dealing with a number of them is a totally new enjoy.
A new wondering boss, Thing from the Stars that can be encountered all through the missions. Defeat it to get new trinkets and unique quirks (much like after defeating Shrieker from the authentic game).

Darkest Dungeon Full Guide The Color of Madness
Access to mercenaries. Mercenaries are heroes with the maximum, 6th, degree who may be employed within the Stage Coach. Their special feature is that they can simplest be assigned to missions that take location in the Farmstead and that they take 10% of accumulated Shards for his or her service.

A new useful resource, Shards, that could handiest be acquired in the Farmstead. Spend them on Crystalline trinkets, reconstruction of new homes distinct to this DLC or on Shard Dust, a effective buffing item that may be used all through fight.
New Crystalline tier trinkets. They are very expensive (you want lots of Crystal Shards). However, they offer extremely powerful bonuses to your heroes, usually with none terrible results (in particular additional Stress). They also introduce a brand new mechanic in which you could spark off a positive impact by means of performing unique moves – inclusive of poisoning all enemies or lowering a hero’s Stress after killing an enemy.
Four new District homes – The Mill, Geological Studyhall, Tainted Well and Miasmal Orchard. Each of them gives you useful bonuses and the remaining homes offer buffs for consumables: Holy Water, Laudanum, Medical Herbs and Antivenom.
The Endless Harvest, a new game mode. This is in reality a survival mode – your birthday celebration faces an endless wave of enemies. A new group replaces a defeat one. Sometimes, you will also face a boss. Between the fights you could use a unique Curio that gives beneficial items, a place to relaxation or food. The conflict is going on until you retreat from the undertaking or your birthday party gets removed.

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