The Best Starting Tips to Darkest Dungeon The Color of Madness

Starting Tips to Darkest Dungeon

In this chapter you may discover hints for The Color of Madness DLC – in case you are searching out facts for the original model of Darkest Dungeon or to The Crimson Curse DLC then you ought to take a look at out different chapters in this manual.

Missions to be had in the Farmstead vary from the ones to be had in different areas. Here, what subjects is how rapid you may take away enemies – the fights are infinite this means that that you need to kill the maximum risky monsters as fast as feasible (people who inflict Stress and different negative outcomes).
Stress is an awful lot greater dangerous than losing HP. Think about having a person on your birthday party who can decrease it – together with a Jester or a Houndmaster.
There are sorts of events that paintings well here. One of them is a party that focuses on dealing huge damage in a quick time. You can use a Crusader, a Highwayman, a Jester or a Hellion. The second type makes a speciality of surviving and slower extermination – here, you can use a Jester and a Houndmaster to lower Stress, and a Vestal who can heal the entire birthday celebration.

The Farmstead is full of enemies who can assault all of your characters on the same time. Because of that you may consider taking a Vestal with you – she will heal the whole birthday celebration and inflict bad statuses on enemies.
The Color of Madness has introduced a whole lot of modifications to how the vital hits work. These attacks will give your characters temporal bonuses.
In the Farmstead, an enemy corpse receives replaced with a crystal. It might not assault your celebration. However, it will develop larger with each flip. After growing enough this crystal explodes which offers damage to your heroes and inflicts Stress at the complete birthday party. Get rid of them as fast as you can.
Destroy crystals to heal your characters – spoil them with heroes who’re in need of healing.
Remember to no longer rely too much on the buff provided by Shard Dust. This object gives notable bonuses to your heroes but it also inflicts poor statuses and increases quantity of received Stress. What is extra, every next “dose” of this object inflicts an increasing number of Stress – a few makes use of in a row can cause a heart assault.

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