Common Problems in 360 Q5 Solutions – Overheat, Charging, Network, Wi-Fi, Memory

360 Q5360 was announced their latest Q5, it is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS), which is run on GSM / HSPA / LTE technology, the phone was announced on 20 August 2016, and this device release date on 22 August 2016. Here we are going to share with you the most common problems in 360 Q5 and their solutions. Everyone knows that we are facing a lot of common issues During the Android SmartPhone Usage. The most common problems and their solutions are here. 360 Q5 comes with 128GB internal memory with 4GB Ram. It is powered by Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS), it has powerful Octa-Core 1.8GHz CPU and Mediatek MT6771 chipset. The smartphone comes with 5.5 inches with 1080 x 1920 Pixels resolution, and Non-removable Li-Po 3200 mAh battery.

360 Q5 comes with the 13+13 MP, rear camera and the front is 13 MP. It has different sensors such as Proximity Sensor Accelerometer Ambient Light Fingerprint Compass Gyroscope Hall. The latest 360 Q5 coming with a lot of different features such as Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/, Dual Band, Wi-Fi Direct, 4.1, A2DP, LE, A-GPS, Type-C USB v2.0, With Charging and Mass Storage Function.

1. Wi-Fi Connection Issue and Problem:

If you are facing Wi-Fi connection issues while using phones. Here we are going to share with you a few reasons; it may be poor signals, maybe improper system settings. Don’t worry all these problems can be resolved quickly. First of all, you need to check the server (Wi-Fi Router or network provider) that it is ON. You must check that it is working properly or not. Now, you should also check the Wi-Fi system settings on your 360 Q5. You must check the password entered correctly or not, and the device is connected properly. You should also check router settings, connectivity authorizations, or call to the service providers.

2. Problems With Network Sim Connectivities:

If your SIM Card is not Detected in your phone, or are you facing any other network difficulty. Don’t worry we are here for you, and if your smartphone is failing the SIM Card detections. First, you need to insert your SIM card and then reboot your 360 Q5, second, make sure that Airplane Mode is Off in your device. Finally, please check if any issue goes to your Phone settings then Mobile Network, Select Network Operators, after scanning select you’re concerning the Service provider.

A lot of manufacturers locked their smartphones with Country Code. If you are facing this issue that means you can’t use any SIM in any other region. It can only use your SIM network when you will open Country Code through software modifications, but we always recommend you to contact your SIM provider and request them to unlock it that is the best way and legal solution.

3. Over Heating Issue and Problem:

If you are facing overheat issues using your device. This is a common problem when you are playing games or using heavy software. Yes of course when you will use heavy software in your 360 Q5 and continuously uses it, and also when you are trying to use the wrong phone charger to charge your phone. You must remember that you must use the original phone charger to charge your 360 Q5. Because it is harmful if you will use another charging adaptor, maybe you are using a different voltages charger.

Secondly, users should try device speed boosting apps that clear caches and cool your 360 Q5 and release RAM. These apps not only kill useless apps, that running in the background but also prevent slow processing speed as well. In case of any further issue, we recommend to our readers, they should visit the Services Center to resolve this issue.

Why Smartphones Overheat and How to Stop It Video Tutorial

Video Tutorial

4. Low Memory Errors In a SmartPhone:

If you are receiving this message “You have Insufficient Memory”. It’s a very common error, and you will get this error when you are trying to download something or transfer data from outside. This means your 360 Q5 has enough storage or capacity to receive those files. Now if you want to save your storage, then you must remove heavy files and extra apps from your 360 Q5 to resolve this issue.

We always suggest you to use cleaning software that automatically detects large files and removes them. This will release your phone RAM by removing caches, pop-ups, and able your phone to run smoothly. These apps give facility to delete duplicate files, photos, videos, apps, etc, and also notify users about memory status with time. You should also try to check and remove large memory files and apps once in a month to prevent low storage.

We also recommend our respected readers to use Online Cloud Storage options to store their data or multimedia files, which is a very safe and reliable source. They can easily decrease the storage burden on their device memory.

5. Slow Processing App Freezing or Hanging Issues:

Many times users face a situation when their 360 Q5 screen getting freeze or device process being slow, which is very annoying. Often time, due to running heavy files or programs your 360 Q5 system processing capability may be slow, or if you are working online, you will have also experienced online ads or pop-ups, these are being causes to Slow or hang your 360 Q5 smart device. To prevent this problem we advise our readers to restart your 360 Q5 Smartphone and after that try to stop the app that is not processing.

An app that having an issue should be reinstalled or clears its caches or temp data, we also recommend installing speed booster that is amazing in working whenever a user tries it for speed boosting or clean caches it stops all useless apps and refreshes your device. But at last, the only solution for this issue is a Master reset of your 360 Q5 device, which erased all your data and settings in your 360 Q5, keep in mind before a Master Reset users should take a complete Backup of their 360 Q5 device to prevent any data loss.

6. Slow Charging Issue and Problem:

Another common issue during Smartphone usage is slow battery charging. The major reason for the slow recharge is only concerning with your unsupportive charging adaptor. Users should always try to use a charging adaptor which is recommended by the manufacturer. According to device requirements, an appropriate charging adaptor provides proper charging power supply to the device battery that enhanced battery life and improve its health for a long time, but at the other hand, if we use unsuitable charging adopter, the results may be opposite. It can slow recharge speed and direct effect on battery’s health and users must be avoided unsuitable chargers.

Another tip for fast recharge is the use of a battery saving app that not only save your battery power but also boost up charging capability. These battery-saving apps kill other useless apps running in the background that rapidly consumes battery life. We already have suggested our readers use Battery Doctor or Avast Battery Saving apps that increase your 360 Q5 battery health.

7. Early Power Draining Problem In 360 Q5

Battery draining is a very painful issue for regular Smartphone users, but don’t worry if you are suffering this, we have a solution for your Q5. You must uninstall those applications that are running continuously in the background, this is the main reason for a battery draining. So you can use the best five battery saving Apps for your 360 Q5, that can stop unnecessary apps running in the background, and extend your 360 Q5 battery lifespan. Here we also recommend few battery-saving apps that surely help you to save your 360 Q5 Smartphone battery. Like; Battery Doctor, Avast Battery servers, etc.

8. Downloading Problems With Google Play Store:

Downloading with Google Play Store is a wonderful experience because Google Play store providing thousands of applications on almost every topic. But unfortunately, users also face troubles during downloading from the Play store, Reason are maybe syncing issue or maybe memory problems, etc. we suggesting to our users please check your User Account first. After that users should examine their storage whether they have sufficient memory or not and in case of any storage deficiency, they should fix it by deleting useless data.

But further if they find any issue they should restart their phone and need to remove the storage of play store app from their 360 Q5 device setting menu, and then tap on Apps menu and scroll down and trace/open Google Play Store. Here you can reset your Play Store App by clearing Storage data. After that, you can open the Play store as a fresh app and enjoy it as you want.
Note: Before initializing Play Store App Users should Signe in/ Login to Gmail account first.

9. Errors Occur During Apk Installation and its Start-up :

Another common difficulty that you face during 360 Q5 Smartphone usage is Errors that occur when you are trying to install new apps. Having low space in your 360 Q5 may create trouble to download or install new apps, and some cases system doesn’t allow installation permissions if the app is from an unknown source. Keep in mind often the time app file may be corrupt or maybe an incomplete inversion.

Solution; about storage we have already explained but in case of system permissions to install from an unknown web source, you need to go in your phone Settings then Tap on Security/Privacy, further Tick on Un-known Source to ON, or Tap on Settings then Tap on Security further Tap on Device Administrations now toggle Un-known Source. If you face a corrupt apk file that is hanging or freezing so you should avoid it and go for a better one.

For Play Store, You just need a Gmail Account and Login to initialize Play Store.

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