Darkest Dungeon New Curios in The Color of Madness DLC Full Guide

Curios are one of the most essential gameplay factors in Darkest Dungeon. Understanding them nicely can help you substantially for the duration of the sport. Having no knowledge about this detail can bring about a punishment via making a horrific choice – this may even quit your challenge with failure. In this bankruptcy you can locate descriptions of all the Curios that had been introduced through The Color of Madness DLC.

NameEffect with an itemEffect without an item

Gleaming Shards

None5-15x Shards

Fresh Harvest

NoneHeals 90% of the maximum health points of the entire party


Skeleton Key – food + any supplies + trinketLaudanum / Food / Medicinal Herbs

Rotten Fare

NoneReduces Stress by 100 points

Miller’s Hearth


Corrupted Harvest

NoneReduces party’s stress by 60 points

Plentiful Bounty

NoneHeals 65% of the maximum health points of the entire party


NoneFirst encounter only – Miller’s Locket Trinket

Subsequent encounters – Any random Trinket

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