Miller Boss in Color of Madness Darkest Dungeon Full Guide

The Miller is the first new boss in Darkest Dungeon added in The Color of Madness DLC. You come upon this enemy during one of the first few missions at the Farmstead. After that you could come upon him throughout Endless Harvest mission that takes location inside the equal place.

Statistics and resistances of the boss

Health Dodge Protection Speed Resistance to Stun Resistance to Blight Resistance to Bleed Resistance to Debuff Resistance to Move
143 14% 20% 5 95% 60% 220% 60% 70%

As you can see, this boss is practically immune to Bleed effect. Instead, you should focus on inflicting Blight – the boss has a small resistance to that effect.

NoteĀ – the boss makes two moves per turn.

How to defeat this boss
The Miller is the primary greater tough enemy that you will encounter right here. Just like different bosses in the game, The Miller requires a positive method a good way to defeat him. In maximum instances The Miller will summon one of the “normal” Farmstead enemies each flip. After that he can do one of the two matters – use an Area of Effect attack that offers damage to all heroes within the celebration or he can use a Buff to bolster the summoned creature. Also, the boss and the summoned monster each get bonus to PROT and the boss himself is guarded with the aid of his summon – the role of this creature is to get hold of assaults geared toward the boss. When The Miller’s fitness is going underneath 2/3 he can begin to use an attack which can deal huge harm to a unmarried goal (about 15 Damage). This attack additionally restores The Miller’s health with the aid of 20 points.

The exceptional method to win this fight is to have one hero who can deal loads of damage – including a Highwayman, a Hellion or a well-geared up Crusader or a Leper – and use this character to dispose of summoned creatures. One assault must be sufficient to do away with them before The Miller strengthens that enemy. You should even have a hero who can attack the primary and the second one role on the identical time, just like the aforementioned Leper or Crusader – thanks to this you’ll be able to harm both the summoned monster and the boss. Blight works top notch on The Miller – he has a small resistance to this impact and he moves twice according to flip.

Don’t neglect approximately recovery during this combat. The fine character for this function is Vestal – in most instances, the boss will harm anybody. This approach that her AoE recuperation will work fantastic right here. You can also put money into Trinkets that boom Dodge – the boss’ AoE attack isn’t that accurate. A hero can effortlessly keep away from it in the event that they have more than 35-40 DODGE factors. Don’t worry approximately Stress – the fight with The Miller is intense and it lasts just a few turns (it’s miles both him or your party). This approach that your party might not acquire a number of Stress.

Party recommendation

The recommended birthday celebration for this combat is the only which can quick remove summoned creatures, harm the boss and, on the equal time, top off fitness points lost because of The Miller’s AoE assault. You can use the subsequent party lineup:

A Crusader or a Lepper within the first position. Both heroes paintings excellent here. As for a Crusader, you could use Trinkets that boost his health and damage. A Leper would benefit from higher Accuracy because the enemy has a instead excessive DODGE.
A Highwayman or a Hellion inside the second function. A Highwayman is a great choice in case you want to deal harm to the boss. However, you can also use this character to damage positions 1-2-3 – this offers damage to both the boss and his summoned creature. A Hellion is superb for attacking unmarried objectives but she also can attack positions 1-2-three.
A Vestal in the 0.33 position. She is the first-class desire in relation to healers – majority of The Miller’s assaults will deal damage to all four heroes at the identical time. His assaults are devastating (12-15 Damage) – the answer to which are Vestal’s healing capabilities.
A Plague Doctor in the fourth position. This heroine is notable against The Miller – she can inflict Blight effect or greatly boom harm dealt through a hero. After this Buff, a hero must be capable of kill a summoned creature with a unmarried hit.
Of direction, you could change this lineup but you want but this one is the maximum most desirable. It must additionally be mentioned that these heroes are to be had for the reason that week 1 – you might not have any problems with making a party like this one.

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