Mercenaries in Darkest Dungeon The Color of Madness Full Guide

The mercenaries are one of the new capabilities brought through The Color of Madness. They are special versions of ordinary heroes and that they can be hired after defeating The Sleeper, a chairman that appears throughout the 0.33 mission inside the Farmstead (The Endless Harvest). The differences between the mercenaries and the normal heroes are indexed underneath.

What are the differences among the mercenaries and the regular heroes?
You can hire as much as four mercenaries in line with week.
Mercenaries have all their competencies on the maximum stage, the identical goes for his or her armor and guns.
They haven’t any trinkets.
Each mercenary is at the best, 6th, degree. They also have a fixed of Quirks, both high-quality and negative – think two times which mercenary you need to hire.
They have a unique Quirk that makes them available handiest throughout the missions that take location inside the Farmstead – you can’t use them at some point of the “everyday” missions.
Each one in every of them takes 10% from collected Shards, a brand new resource introduced to the sport. Don’t ship more than 1-2 mercenaries in step with challenge because you may lose a variety of this valuable useful resource.
Besides the functions indexed above, there are not many differences between mercenaries and regular heroes. Use them at the beginning of the game whilst you don’t have well-advanced “everyday” heroes – way to these mercenaries your party will be capable of cope with themselves in the Farmstead.

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