iPhone 13 Pro colors and camera

iPhone 13 Pro colorsA drastically more impressive camera framework. A presentation so responsive, each communication feels new once more. The universes quickest cell phone chip. Outstanding solidness. Furthermore, an immense jump in battery life.

iPhone 13 Pro gray



iPhone 13 pro color new

iPhone 13 Pro blue

2.2x more light

The Ultra Wide camera captures92% more lightfor better photos and videos

Night mode now onevery camera

Sharper, more detailed photos and videos

iPhone 13 Pro brigthness



Increment for more splendid, more clear tones. Lessening for more grounded shadows and differentiation.


Increment to upgrade brilliant connotations. Reduction to acquire more blue suggestions.

The first cell phone to give a start to finish professional work process, permitting you to record and alter in ProRes or Dolby Vision

iPhone 13 Pro camera

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