Five Best Fixes For The Canon Error Code B200 Full Guide

If you are getting Canon Error Code B200, we’ve got compiled a record of fixes for this original printer error.

While Canon recommends some frequent fixes like powering the printer on and off, we determined some more robust fixes that involve working with the printer heads.

We have now noticeable this error occur on mg6320, mp560, mx870, mx922, mp620, mg522, and extra Canon items.

Examine out the fixes beneath and see if they work- the movies furnish step-by-step guides for clearing the difficulty.
Be forewarned, however, that dissecting your printer can void the assurance- so the fine first step might be to contact Canon help.



The Stripes and Circles YouTube creator posted a wellknown repair for this Canon error code that warned them to “unplug the power cord and phone the provider middle”.

The repair starts offevolved by turning off the printer, unplugging it and then relocating the printer head in the direction of the core and turn it again on.

Once it can be became on again, earlier than the printer head is going to return to the proper and earlier than it goes to the very, very left, she says to shut, watch for it to restart now, and verify if the error code has been cleared.

Watch the whole video for the above repair and a few others she tried to clear this malicious program from her Canon printer.


According to this video creator, Computerhilfen, methods to resolve the Canon B200 printer error is to exchange empty ink cartridges and clean the printhead.

He does warn, nonetheless, that this could void the guarantee and to contact Canon support earlier than making an attempt a repair.


The Refresh Cartridges YouTube channel posted a Canon b200 error message fix. He says that, in his expertise, by and large this error is regarding a printhead challenge inside your inkjet printer.

Whilst he does say that some Canon aid threads shows that it will possibly arise considering of an obstruction or whatever inside your printer stopping the cradle from relocating, in his expertise this hasn’t been the case.

The long-established remedy is to to turn the printer off for a couple minutes, do away with obstructions, flip the printer on once more- and it will have to be cleared. But if this doesn’t be just right for you, one of the most first fixes he recommends is inspecting the electrical error within the print head.

He does say that the repair will vary through the quantity of cartridges you are utilizing. With a 5 Plus cartridge printer, it’s trickier because the the printhead shall be headquartered throughout the printer. If that is so, he does advise contacting Canon help.

Verify out the video for the step-by using-step consultant on fixing this error.

YouTube fix
One Canon printer proprietor, within the feedback section, explained that he has the 5 ink cartridge variation, and he posted a repair that worked for him:

change Off power
Open up the print head bay (as if you are going to vary inks)
change On vigor
watch for the print carriage to begin transferring to the left and let it go earlier halfway
just earlier than the print carriage gets to the left hand aspect (however after going halfway across) close the duvet
go away the Printer switched on
investigate if fixed


According to the widespread tech repair website Appuals, the fixes will fluctuate relying on whether or not you have a 2 or 4 cartridge Canon printer.

The fixes involve working with the print heads and the cartridges. Examine out the step-by using-step b200 error code fix over at Appuals.


A Canon support thread has a distinct repair.

It involves taking away the print head, ensuring the print head is adequately aligned with the front frame.

The Canon consumer said that he taped over its gold contacts with some Scotch tape with a view to seal them off from ink & water infection.

Assess out the entire repair in the Canon aid thread linked above.

As at all times, if the above fixes don’t be just right for you, our suggestion is to contact brand’s support.
Although, hinder doing something too invasive that might void the warranty- if you are still holding out hope that the printer has last guarantee insurance plan.

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