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Cross D8X Enable Developer Option and USB Debugging

cross 0001In this post, you will learn how to enable developer options and USB debugging on your Cross D8X. If you wanna connect your phone with a Computer or Laptop, make sure that USB debugging must be enabled on your Cross D8X. No doubt that enabling USB debugging was very easy in the previous version of Android devices. Here we will guide step by step, how to enable developer option and USB debugging on D8X.

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How to enable developer mode in your Cross D8X

Today we will share with you very simple steps, you may easily enable or activate hidden developer mode using system settings on any Android device. You need to create a backup your Android device and save it in safe locations.

01: First, Go to settings ->>> select system settings. See the below image:

How to enable developer mode step 1 System settings

02: Now on your Cross D8X device jut Go to ->>> About Phone. See the below image:

step 2 click on about phone option

03: Now, Scroll down of screen, and find the Build Number your Cross D8X Press it 7 to 10 times. See the below image:

How to enable developer mode step 3 select Build number 7 to 10 times

04: After a few minutes Cross D8X Now, you will see this a pop-message: You are now a developer! See the below image:

How to enable developer mode

05: Now Click on ->>> Back Tap Button and you will see developer options under system settings. See the below image:

Turn on hidden developer options

We advise you that follow the steps carefully otherwise your Cross D8X turns off during enable developer mode option.

How to Enable USB debugging on Cross D8X

You can transfer your D8X all images, videos and, other documents to your Computer Using Enable USB debugging Mode Option.

01: Go to Settings on your Cross D8X.

02: Now, Select From Settings option ->>>> About phone then Select ->>>> Software Information.

03: Now Scroll Down screen, and Tap the Build Number 7 to 10 times, on your D8X, you will receive a message “Developer mode has been enabled”.

Now, you have successfully enabled USB debugging mode on Cross D8X

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