Best SPD Upgrade Tool or SPD Flash tool or Spreadtrum Flash tool 2022 Quick Download

Today we are going to define SPD Upgrade tool in an Android Phone, but before this, we want to explain for our readers, what is the difference between Rooting and Flashing processes in an Android Phone?

What is flashing?

Flashing is a process of modifying the version of your Android Operating system in your smartphone. Through flashing Process User can install a Custom ROM, kernel, and recovery, so that users can change or upgrade the Operating System version.

What is Rooting Process?  

Rooting is a Process that gives users administrative control over their devices. Rooting allows you to get complete access to everything in the operating system and those permissions allow you to change it all.

How can we define the SPD Upgrade Tool?

SPD Upgrade Tool also is known as SpreadTrum Flash Tool or SPD Upgrade tool which is developed by SpreadTrum communications Inc. SPD Flash Tool is a computer application that facilitates users to flash the stock, custom Recovery, and fix some extreme cases, like; firmware updates, flash recovery, unbrick devices, etc. SPD upgrades Tools make it possible to flash PAC and P5C firmware files for android. The latest SPD upgrades packed with the newest patches and fixed bugs from earlier versions.  It’s also facilitating users to choose multi-languages on android. Configure the LCD settings. MCP Type, Read/Write, and erase active Flash.

SPD Flash has a very friendly user interface and much better than its previous or early versions and simple to use, SpreadTrum upgrade Tool is very similar to SP Flash Tool but supports flashing the device with SPD CPU .e.g.  iTel Android device, while SP flash supports mobile devices with MTK CPU’s.

SPD upgrade tool SPD flash tool

Download SPD Upgrade Tool Or SPD Flash Tools:

  • The easy and simple user interface which provide firmware ability and flashing.
  • In the latest upgrades, a user just adds firmware .pac and need to click on Start Download, to start the Pac firmware flashing process in an android device.
  • Its new upgraded features support P5C Flashing firmware which is more helpful in the process.
  • Due to its up-gradation, there is a multi-languages facility that makes it more reliable than its previous versions.

Please Remember:

  • SPD Upgrade Tool is only for SpreadTrum chipset powered Android Phones or Tablets.
  • Flashing custom recovery may void your Smart Phone warranty.
  • The entire Microsoft Windows version is compatible with flash Tool Up to windows 10.
  • Users must need to download correct Firmware to get better results. 

Download the latest version of the SPD upgrade tool

Latest Versions    Download Link 1    Download Link 2
SPD Flash Tool R26.21.2801     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R25.20.3901     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R24.0.0003     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R23.19.4001     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R23.0.0001     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R22.0.0001     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R21.0.0001     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R20.0.0001     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R19.18.1001     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R19.0.0001     Download Now        Download Now    
SPD Flash Tool R17.17.1202     Download Now        Download Now    

Pre Requirements:

  • Read and understand all instructions carefully.
  • You need to Recharge Your Phone minimum 70% or above.
  • For a successful flashing process, you need a PC or Laptop.
  • Before installation, you need to create a backup of your Phone data.
  • You need a USB Data Cable for Phone and PC connectivity.

First of all, we strongly recommend our users create a backup of your Android Phone’s data because the SPD Upgrade Tool will wipe your Data during the flashing process.

SPD Upgrade Tool Process:

  1. Download and install SpreadTrum USB drivers on your PC.
  2. Download .pac based Stock Firmware from firmware file or through Google.
  3. After that, Extract SPD Upgrade Tool on your PC.
  4. Now all the Tools and drivers will be displayed on your PC screen.
  5. Please Open UpgradeDownload.exe file from Tools.UpgradeDownload
  6. After opening the file, the window will appear asopening the file
  7. Now Click on the Load Packet option.Packet option
  8. Now browse .pac extension file from ROM File.

pac extension

9. Now open .pac extension file .

10. After that connect your phone to PC.

11. Now click on Start Button. Now click on Start Button

12. The process will begin, wait till completion.

13. During this flashing process, your phone will restart automatically.

Congrats you have done it successfully.


Note: The above info is only for journal public interest,, or the author is not responsible for any hardware and software loss damage or illegal misusage of the above material

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