Darkest Dungeon Warrens Curio Guide

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While travelling thru Warrens you should specifically avoid touch with:

Stack of Books, opening which can have grave effects after using torch (100 pressure will right away reason panic or a heart attack if the stress will attain two hundred)
Occult Scrawings and Piles of Bones – spark off them only the use of the required gadgets, “empty” activation is too unstable
Dinner Cart and Makeshift Dining Table – similarly as above, you need to spark off them best using the desired item as in any other case there is a excessive threat for becoming unwell
Curio that you ought to be mainly interested in is the Pile of Scrolls. Always spark off it the use of the torch and with a character that has big range of negative Quirks (or one very severe) – by using removing Quirks in that manner you’ll be able to keep huge quantity of gold (later in the game even extra than 10 thousand portions!)

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