Darkest Dungeon Dangerous Enemies in Color of Madness Guide

Starting Tips to Darkest Dungeon

Battles in the Farmstead from The Color of Madness DLC are specific – besides new enemies, available simplest in this region, you may also stumble upon enemies from each vicinity – both everyday enemies and executives. Because of that it’s miles hard to decide which enemies you need to fear about because you may come upon any of them.

You can keep on with the guideline from the alternative areas and keep a watch on enemies who inflict Stress – commonly, they’re placed within the 3rd and 4th vicinity within the row (also, you’re possibly familiar with them). Stress is much extra risky than losing fitness points which means that those enemies ought to be removed first.

The crystals, unique to this location, are the most risky right here. They are constructed from enemy corpses (in case you don’t smash them earlier than the end of a turn) however additionally way to positive enemy attacks. They don’t assault you, but, they grow larger with every flip (through regenerating). These crystals explode after a few turns – this explosion offers large harm and inflicts Stress at the entire birthday party. Destroy them first – a hero who shatters it receives a bit in their health again.

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