How To Resolve Low Disk Space Issue In your Smart Phone?

low disk 300x127 1Clean-Up Storage In a SmartPhone;

A very common and so annoying problem that you face while downloading apps or playing games, is low space or low storage in smartphones. What to do if your phone’s Memory getting low?
You can resolve this issue by cleaning junk files or cache data and also by removing large files like; Videos, audio, or heavy apps. This operation not only recovers space but also boost-up your Smartphone’s performance. There are thousands of apps on the Google Play Store that able to clean-up your phone but here we are going with a standard or built-in cleaning process that usually common in all Smartphone devices.
So let’s go for another interesting trick…

  • First of all, we need to start with Settings Menu.

settings in android 1 142x300 1

  • Tap on Settings and then Scroll to Storage.

storage icon 300x244 1


  • Open Storage Menu and here you can see RAM and Internal Memory two separate Partitions and also showing Memory status.
  • If you go with RAM, so here you can clean-up all Background running apps and files that consuming Temporary Storage and slowing your device performance.RAM Clean e1614864629919 188x300 1
  • Internal Memory is an option for large file cleanings; like heavy video audio or other programs.Status e1614864750211 211x300 1
    Often time we use external storage options like; SD Card etc, so you can also manage external storages that will be showing in the list.
    Now there is a final step, Tap on any one of them and clean-up space as per your desire.

    storage cleaning 300x268 1

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