Shard Dust – Enhancing your character in Color of Madness

The Color of Madness enlargement set in Darkest Dungeon added lots of recent functions and variety to the sport, mainly thinking about its very low fee. One of them is a brand new form of provisions, referred to as Shard Dust. It works pretty like the blood within the previous upload-on of the sport, The Crimson Curse, which permits you to buff the hero who will “use” it for a few rounds.

Pros and cons of the use of Shard Dust
This item is barely unique in motion from other styles of provisions:

Using it gives you a bonus for several rounds or fights, relying on how regularly you operate it.
Any activation of the Shard Dust has outcomes. The first use solid a weakening on the man or woman, growing the amount of won strain and decreases the threat of virtue (a high quality motion after the hero gets 100 in line with cent pressure). Only the second use triples this penalty, in order that the hero will acquire pressure at an expressive fee.
The action of the Shard Dust adjustments when the hero, after preliminary activation, reaches as much as one hundred strain points. When at some stage in the same mission the hero “calms down” and isn’t laid low with the penalty for one hundred points of stress, activating every other Shard Dust will no longer purpose a couple of consequences – as an alternative the hero will get hold of effective doses of strain, as much as 90 points at a single.
This object offers massive bonuses, but the facet-effects should be taken into consideration – they remain on the person until the give up of the assignment, and the buffs closing a few (or more) rounds, or some fights and finally they will be exhausted. It is better to apply this enhancement for shorter missions.

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