Apple iPhone 8 Stock ROM Firmware File How to Install Easy Steps

1234On this page, you will learn about how to download and install Stock ROM or Firmware for your Apple 8 If you are facing any software error or any other application issue, don’t worry we have a solution for you. Now you can unbrick your phone or fix boot loop issues and how to root or install any mods or custom ROM and also you can upgrade your iPhone

using a Firmware file. Here we suggest you complete guidelines to resolve the issues.

Here, you have a method of rooting, installing custom ROMs, custom recovery, mods for your Apple iPhone 8 If you are an Android user and your phone is out of order due to viruses, or you have downloaded any harmful application, so you can easily repair, and restore your iPhone 8 device using Stock ROM.

Stock ROM On Apple iPhone 8 Firmware File

First, you need to download the firmware file on your computer/laptop. You should also need to download the important USB Driver on your computer for the firmware file process. Using SPD Flash Tool (Spreadtrum Flash Tool), you can install the Stock ROM on iPhone 8. Remember that these guidelines are also useful if you want to upgrade or downgrade the firmware on your Android device. The SPD flash tool will come in handy to flash the Stock ROM.
Note: We always suggest you before beginning the flashing process, please carefully read all instructions for a successful Stock ROM method application.

Stock ROM Advantages:

You can Unbrick your iPhone 8 
To fix the boot loop problem
You can Upgrade and Downgrade Apple iPhone 8 To fix Bugs or Unroot on your Android device
To fix the lag or stutter on the Apple iPhone 8 
You can Revert to stock to gain your warranty
You will be able to receive OTA Updates

Please follow the step one by one properly and you must arrange all requirements, download links, and firmware details before starting the flashing process.

Firmware Information:

Firmware File Name:  iPhone11,8 12,1 71.1 19B74

File Size: 5.34GB
Download Official Stock ROM or Firmware
Download Now

How to Install Stock Firmware on the Apple iPhone 8 

Following the basic requirements please install the appropriate necessary drivers and tools on your computer for boot loop, software error, update error, hanging, and dead issue.

Basic Requirements:

This Stock ROM file is only for Apple iPhone 8 doesn’t try it on any other device.
Your computer must be in proper working condition and also check USB cable is properly connected to your computer.
Your Apple iPhone 8 phone must be charged at least 70% or more.
Please make sure you have a backup of your device before starting the flashing process.
We also recommend installing the latest USB Drivers for Apple iPhone 8 from the above given- link.
If you want to install any CUSTOM ROM on iPhone 8, you must Unlock the Bootloader on your phone. The bootloader allows you to Root your Android device, Flash TWRP, and Custom ROM.

How to flash Apple iPhone 8 using SPD Upgrade Tool

  • 01: First, download the latest SPD Flash from the above-given link.
  • 02: Now, please check the update of the SpreadTrum driver on your phone. You need to install the latest version of the drivers.
  • 03: Please click on the Stock ROM / firmware file link from above particular as per your phone requirements.
  • 04: Now you need to extract the downloaded file on your computer.
  • 05: After that, please run the SpreadTrum Upgrade tool. [.exe]
  • 06: Then connect your device with a PC, and switch off your Apple iPhone 8.
  • 07: After connecting your Android device, please Load Pocket and select PAC/PAC5 file for the connected device.
  • 08: Click / Select then “Start Downloading”
  • 09: Follow the instruction appears and continues the flashing.
  • 10: After this, your phone will reboot automatically which may take several minutes to reboot.
  • 11: And finally you will receive a pass message in green color.

Now you have successfully flashed your device.
We hope that the above-given procedure is easy to use and successful to install Stock Firmware on the Apple iPhone 8 Spreadtrum-powered. If you have any issues or queries, feel free to ask in the comments below.

Flash your Apple iPhone 8 device

1: First of all, you need to download and unzip the Stock ROM Firmware zip file on your computer.

2: After that, extracting the zip folder, you will find a Flash File, Flash Tool, USB Drivers, and Manual for flashing.

3: Then, you should need to install the USB Drivers on your computer, if USB Drivers are already installed on your PC, please SKIP this step.

4: Before installing please carefully read the manual and instructions to flash the firmware on your Apple iPhone 8 Device.

Follow Detailed Guidelines

Read Before Starting:
SP Flash Tool: If would you like to download the latest version of the SP Flash Tool, then you must head over to the SP Flash Tool for Windows or SP Flash Tool for the Linux page.

Backup creation: If you are going to flash the above Firmware on your Apple iPhone 8 device. We always suggest you create a backup to prevent any data loss.

Note: You May Stock ROM on Apple iPhone 8 Firmware, which is officially released by the company. If anything goes wrong the author is not responsible for it.

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