Air Raider And Dragon Quest Builders 2 Full Guide

To accomplish Air Raider trophy in Dragon Quest Builders 2, you should execute any adversary from above – from the air.

In the beginning periods of the game you won’t almost certainly win this trophy since you need a thing to fly noticeable all around. This thing is known as the Windbreaker, which you can get from one of the NPCs in the wake of finishing a few fundamental undertakings on the island of Furrowfield.

In the wake of getting Windbreaker, you should simply press the X catch (on the PS4 reassure) while noticeable all around. You don’t need to keep it. At that point, when you as of now utilize your Windbreaker noticeable all around, you have to locate a powerless adversary. When we have found your objective, you should utilize the assault catch (the triangle on the PS4 support) and trust that your character will tumble to the ground. When you figure out how to murder one of your rivals in such a way, the trophy will show up on your profile.

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