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Hello Mate 2 Bootloader Using ADB Fastboot

hello Mate 2
On this page, you will learn how to unlock bootloader on your Hello Mate 2. Here we will provide you a complete guide step by step on how to unlock your phone. Before unlocking the bootloader you must read what is unlock the bootloader and what are the advantages and disadvantages of the bootloader? If you are looking to custom ROM, custom recovery, custom kernel or want to flash the factory images of your Hello Mate 2. You know that bootloader unlock is the best way to custom recovery, custom kernel, and factory flash of your device. Of course, bootloader unlocking is legally binding and it will affect device warranty. Hello doesn’t allow you to unlock the bootloader.

What is Bootloader?

The bootloader is a software piece. It is automatically run on your Hello Mate 2. The bootloader commands of the phone, it will indicate what programs to load to make your phone run.

This is the reason that bootloaders are stored in a stable memory that away from your device reach. We are here to provide you all methods and solutions for every device that will help you to unlock the bootloader.

Bootloader Advantages:

On this page, we are going to share with you a complete guide on how to unlock the bootloader. We always give you helpful information, you must be aware of the bootloader. What are the advantages or the benefits you will get after unlocking it?

Disadvantages with unlocking the bootloader

You can void your warranty.
There will be issues with official OTA updates.
If you do not follow the steps to unlock the bootloader. You may brick your phone or stuck in a bootloop.

How to unlock the bootloader on Hello Mate 2 via ADB Fastboot

1. If you want to save your all data such as images, videos, and files. You must take a complete backup of your Hello Mate 2. The Bootloader unlocking process will affect your data.
2. First of all, you must download and install the Android USB Drivers. Now extract the ADB Fastboot set up in your PC / laptop in the C:/ Drive.
3. Before unlocking the bootloader, you need to activate the developer option to Enable OEM Unlock and USB debugging.
4. Now Go to Settings –>> System –>> About Phone and press on Build Number 6 – 7 times to activate the developer option. See the below image.

how to enable developer option

5. After that, now open the developer option and enable the OEM to unlock and USB Debugging.
how to enable the oem unlock

6. Now connect your phone to PC using the original Type C cable.
7. Once it connected, open the ADB folder inside the C:/Drive
8. On your ADB Folder, Open the command window / PowerShell: To open Press the Shift key and Right Mouse click anywhere inside the folder, see the below image.

ABD command window

9. First of all, please open window command, now enter the below-given commands to verify that your device is connected with PC:
ADB devices
10. If the command show device is unauthorized on your Hello Mate 2. Then, you will see a popup message to allow USB Debugging. You may also enable always allow from this computer and press on the OK button.

ABD command window

11. The next step is; you can enter the bootloader or ADB Fastboot mode on your Hello Mate 2 device, using the command below.
adb reboot bootloader
12. Your Mate 2 will now boot into bootloader mode, please check command, if the device is connected properly to ADB fastboot mode ->>
fastboot devices
13. Your device value will be shown; if connected properly. If not, then make sure to download the latest USB Drivers, and follow the steps again.
14. To unlock the bootloader, please write the below-given commands and press the enter.
ADB fastboot flashing unlock
15. First of all, click on the enter button on your Hello Mate 2 will show you a warning message about the risks of the bootloader unlocking. If would you like to confirm using the Volume Key then enjoy unlocked your Mate 2. using the bootloader method. Your device will produce a factory reset, and once you must reboot. The device will look the same interface just like the out of box setup.
16. Once you have done, you can reboot your device using the command ->>fastboot reboot
17. Using the above-given steps you can unlock the bootloader on your Hello Mate 2.
You can now go ahead, to root your device, and install various MODs, custom ROMs or modify the firmware of your device.

How to Unlock Bootloader Video Tutorial?

Video Tutorial

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You have done successfully unlocked the bootloader device. Note that this is method is only for unlocking the Hello Mate 2.
Note: The bootloader will wipe off the entire data. Follow the above-given steps carefully to avoid permanent damage or bricking of your device. If anything goes wrong the author or is not responsible for it.

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